Kevin’s first blog post…ever

Oh hi. Welcome to the Knowledge Tree Films blog. This is the first of many entries that myself and my compatriots will be enscribing when the moment moves us, or because Robby, our digital guy, wants us to update our blog. So here it goes. Entry number one. It’s almost June of 2012 here in Los Angeles, and it’s a nice balmy 85 degrees out. We live and work in the valley, so we’re used to the heat. Right now is an exciting time, and it’s cool to be writing these words and be able to reread them years from now, remembering the calm before the storm. In a few weeks time, we are going to be embarking on a life changing journey. It’s all because of a blog started by my good friend, Devin Hahn, back in 2010:

Devin’s thirst for two things: cocktails, and knowledge, in that order, started us on the path to our new TV show, The Cocktail Chronicles. This is our first TV show, and something we hope will ignite a firestorm of new projects, ideas, and possibilities. It feels good to be here, at the start of our new journey, surrounded and supported by trusted friends, old and new, who are all working with us on this show, and everything else we’ll be getting into. So, welcome to all who are reading this. It’s going to be a a hell of a year.

— Kevin Marcus, Sherman Oaks, CA